NETSACS Distinguished Member Award


NETSACS Distinguished Member Award


We are now accepting nominations for the 2017 Northeast Tennessee Section "Distinguished Member Award”.  The winner will be the keynote speaker at the NETSACS April awards meeting, where they will also be presented the award.  Please submit nomination packets by Friday, February 24, 2017.  The consent of the nominee should be obtained prior to submission. The award guidelines from the Section Job Manual are as follows:


Distinguished Member of the Year should be chosen from the active members in NETS-ACS region based on:

  • Outstanding technical contributions to the field of science
  • Impact on the chemical industry in some way other than a technical achievement
  • Outstanding contribution to science education
  • A positive impact on the perception of science with the public

There is no formal nomination format, but generally a nomination packet will contain two or three letters of recommendation, the nominee's resume, and any information the nominators would like to highlight.  Please contact Sandy Eagle if you need more information.


Submit nominations, either by mail or electronically (Word or pdf) (preferred), by Friday, February 24, 2017 to:


Sandy Eagle

Department of Chemistry

Box 70695
East Tennessee State University

Ph: (423)-439-8630


  Johnson City, TN 37614


Recent NETSACS ‘Distinguished Member of the Year’ Winners:


2016 Scott Kirkby and Zhufang Liu


2015 Bob Hembre

2014 Andrew Vetter

2013 Steve Perri                           

2012 John Sanders

2011 Chuck Sumner                    

2010 Greg Love

2009 Mary K (Moore)Engelman 

2008 Van Daniel

2007 Howard Peters                    

2006 Jeff Siirola

2005 Richard Turner                   

2004 Shawn Dougherty


NETSACS Technician of the Year



Each year the Section and its TA Group will present an award to an outstanding Chemical Technician within the Section's geographic territory. The technician need not be a member of NETS, itsTA group or the Division of Chemical Technicians in order to be eligible. The award will consist of a placque and a $100 check from the Section. The call for nominations is made in the Section's Summer Newsletter, and the nomination process closes on September 1. Nominations, which must not exceed six pages, are sent to the TA liasion. A jury composed of two technicians and two supervisors of technicians is chosen by the TA liasion at the end of the nomination process. After choosing the Technician of the Year, the winning nomination is sent to the Division of Chemical Technicians for consideration as the National Technician Of The Year. The following criteria will be used in the judging process:

Job Skills
Level of contribution
Degree of independence
Safety and Housekeeping
Publications and Presentations
Communication Skills
Professional and Community Activities

* A Chemical Technician is a person whose training includes successful completion of a two-year post high school level chemistry curriculum leading to an Associate Degree, or the equivalent course work in a Baccalaureate Program, or the equivalent knowledge gained by experience. The Chemical Technician's work is usually conducting experiments to solve chemical problems and /or discover new chemical knowledge, but work of a chemical nature outside the laboratory setting will also be considered.

NETS High School Teacher of the Year Award.

Purpose: To recognize, encourage, and stimulate outstanding teachers of high school chemistry in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.

Nature: The winner of the NETS-ACS High School Chemistry Teacher of the Year will be honored at our annual Awards banquet. This will include dinner for the award winner and a guest.  The award itself consists of a plaque and a cash gift of $100.  In addition, there will be a grant of $400 made to the school to be used at the teacher's discretion. The grant money can be used for projects in the classroom or for the continuing education of the teacher.

Establishment and Support: This award was started with the proceeds of the Southeast Regional Meeting of the ACS which was hosted by the Northeast Tennessee Section in 1995.

Regional and National Awards: Each winner of the NETS Award is automatically nominated for the Southeast Regional Award in High Chemistry Teaching and therefore becomes a candidate for the James Bryant Conant Award in the following year. The winner remains a candidate for three successive years unless (a) he or she is selected as a recipient of the Conant Award, or (b) his or her nomination is withdrawn by the nominator. Selection will be made by a national award committee.

Selection: The Education Committee holds nominations in the Fall of each year and selects the winner during its Fall meeting. Information on the winner and a nomination package is forwarded to the National Office to meet the December 1 deadline to be considered for the regional and national awards.