Councilor - Summary of Governance Issues and Actions San Francisco 2017

Posted on April 15, 2017 at 3:40 AM

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Councilor - Summary of Governance Issues and Actions

Actions of the Council

Election Results

Candidates for President-Elect, 2018

 The Committee on Nominations and Elections presented to the Council the following nominees for selection as candidates for President-Elect, 2018: Bonnie A. Charpentier, Mark D. Frishberg, Anne M. Gaffney, and Willie E. May. By electronic ballot, the Council selected Bonnie A. Charpentier and Willie E. May as candidates for 2018 President-Elect. These two candidates, along with any candidates selected via petitions, will stand for election in the Fall National Election.


President-Elect, 2018a

Nominee 1st Round 2nd Round 3rd Round

*Bonnie A. Charpentier 200 210 242

Mark D. Frishberg 73 80 -

Anne M. Gaffney 26 - -

*Willie E. May 132 141 158


a431 valid electronic ballots were cast, with 216 being the majority. The results of the first preference vote totals are shown in the 1st round column. No nominee attained a majority. Following the procedures approved by Council, second-preference votes were distributed in two subsequent rounds. Those marked with an * were declared elected as candidates.



Candidates for Directors-at-Large

 The Committee on Nominations and Elections announced the selection of the following candidates for Directors-at-Large for 2018-2020 terms: Kenneth P. Fivizzani, Wayne E. Jones, Bonnie A. Lawlor, and Barbara A. Sawrey. The election of two Directors-at-Large from among those candidates and any selected via petition will be conducted in the fall. Ballots will be distributed to the Council on or before October 1, 2017.


Other Council Actions

Amendments to the ACS Bylaws

 A recommendation by the Council Policy Committee to approve the Petition for the Removal of Officers and Councilors (Bylaw III, Sec. 1, i; Bylaw VII, Sec. 1, c; Bylaw VIII, Sec. 4, d) failed. The wording was too vague.


 The Council approved the Petition on the Rights of Affiliates (Bylaw II, Sec. 1, a, 2, a, 3, b, (3) and (4)).


Procedures for Removal of a Councilor or Alternate Councilor

 The Council voted to approve the Procedures for Removal of a Councilor or Alternate Councilor, contingent upon approval of the Petition for the Removal of Officers and Councilors. As the petition subsequently failed, given the interdependence of the petition and related procedures, the procedures will not take effect.


2018 Member Dues

 The Council voted on the recommendation of the Committee on Budget and Finance to set the member dues for 2018 at the fully escalated rate of $171. This rate is established pursuant to an inflation-adjustment formula in the ACS Constitution and Bylaws.


Distribution Formula for Division Funding

 On the recommendation of the Committee on Divisional Activities, the Council approved a formula for allocating dues funds to divisions, effective with allocations for 2017 division performance.

Extension of Market Data Collection Test: International Chemical Sciences Chapters

 On the recommendation of the Committee on Membership Affairs, the Council voted to extend the provision of $15 commissions to International Chemical Sciences Chapters which recruit new members.


Continuation of Committees

 The Council approved the recommendation of the Committee on Committees that the Committee on Project SEED be continued; and that the committees on Chemists with Disabilities, on Public Relations and Communications, and on Women Chemists be continued contingent on approval of the Board of Directors.


 The Council passed resolutions in memory of deceased Councilors; in gratitude for the officers and members of the California and Santa Clara Local Sections, hosts for the 253rd National Meeting; the divisional program chairs, symposium organizers, and ACS staff, for the planning and execution of the meeting.


Special Discussion

The Council conducted a special discussion, “ACS Yesterday and Today: Paving the Way to Tomorrow,” to gather input for the Joint Board-CPC Task Force on Governance Design. Forty Councilors approached the floor microphones to share observations, comments, and suggestions to assist the task force in identifying opportunities and issues for governance improvement. The task force offered three questions to guide the discussion: What should the Society and its governance do differently to achieve its objects? If you could change one thing about ACS governance, what would it be? What should the task force leave “as is”? A poll conducted at the conclusion of the discussion revealed that 57% (222) of the Councilors disagreed that the current governance structure, processes and procedures are already optimal to achieving the objects of ACS in the 21st century, 16% (54) agreed, and 27% (104) needed more information. Three-hundred and six (84%) said they would be willing to provide additional input and feedback to the task force. They will be contacted by the task force in the coming weeks.

Nominations and Elections

The Committee on Nominations and Elections solicits Councilors’ input of qualified individuals for President-Elect and/or Directors for future consideration. Suggestions may be sent to


As of December 31, 2016, the ACS membership was 156,129, which is 0.5% less than on the same date in 2015. The number of new members who joined in 2016 is 23,700. The Society’s overall retention rate is 83.5%. The Committee on Membership Affairs also reported that the number of international members has increased to 27,388, exceeding the committee’s target by 5%. Retention of graduate students increased by 2% to 76.2%.

San Francisco Meeting Attendance

As of Tuesday, April 4:

Attendees 9,797

Students 6,914

Exhibitors 1,198

Expo only 475

Guest 466

Total 18,850



Petitions to Amend Constitution and Bylaws

New petitions to amend the Constitution or Bylaws must be received by the Executive Director no later than May 3 to be included in the Council agenda for consideration at the fall 2017 meeting in Washington, DC. Contact C&B with any questions or requests for information at



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